Does Free Energy Violate the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics?

Large numbers of people post fake or impossible like automatons, usually citing the law of the conservation of energy? So let me address this issue now and forever!

Whether or not free energy exists is largely a debate over semantics. Any rational discussion requires the defining and common acceptance of terminology. For example, we must share a common definition of the word “free”. It is entirely correct to say that free energy cannot exist, and also correct to claim it does. What? Either claim depends on how you define the word “free” in the context of producing useful energy!

For example, one the one hand, any collection of energy does require some sort of action or construction to capture or redirect energy to produce power, that is to accomplish work. However, this in no way prohibits producing more work than is required to achieve the output! Such an outcome is often called “Over-Unity” which is an expression I find pseudo-scientific and serious researchers should base conclusions on empirical evidence. Yet  that does not conclude the case! Consider that you gather dead limbs and branches of wood in some forest and build a fire. Humanities primal energy source! If we were to calculate the calories burned in that work it would could easily be substantially lower than than the energy released in the form of heat from the resulting fire. Is that “free energy?”

Yes and No. Some action or work is always required to transform energy from one state to another. But the idea that getting a greater output of power (the ability to perform “work” which is why watts equate to horsepower) than input does not violate the Sacred Second Law of the reflexive skeptics. The scientific method calls for an attitude of open minded skepticism. Theory is confirmed or refuted by empirical results! Science is thus dynamic not static, so it is ridiculous to deny the possibility of “free energy” if that simply means creating a greater power outprut than input.

Let us return to or cozy fire, the one that also cooks or meat, again quite easily might we more calories (units of energy) than we expended in obtaining that meat. Again more output than input! So why aren’t we violating the second law of thermodynamics? Quite simple because all energy is free! Nature and the entire Universe is nothing but energy! In burning the wood we are simply releasing latent energy into a kinetic form. Energy is conserved. It merely changed from one state to another; transformed into a roaring blaze by the action of ignition! Yes I apologize, but this subject excites me to overly exuberant exclamation!

Let us all agree, we must overlook the scammers and frauds, they are an unfortunate obstacle to serious research and rational discussion, but they appear in every field of endeavor and personally I am not even going to waste my time to condemn them. Results that cannot be replicated are invalidated and this part of the process of the application of the scientific method which should be our primary concern. Free Energy enthusiast who explain results by trying to propose quixotic new theories without a solid foundational frame work simply provide fuel the entrenched skeptics. But those entrenched in their skepticism often are like religious fanatics who think scientific laws are dogmatically true propositions beyond question.

Oh well, what the hell, such people speculators and skeptics infest the fringes of every organized effort from politics, to religion, science and engineering. And there is nothing intrinsically wrong with speculation or skepticism, indeed they are necessary, the problem is when thinking becomes frozen into a fixed position: “This type of research and development is futile and result MUST be a hoax on error!” or “My Theory MUST be correct because it is the only way to explain my results!” This gets into the territory of “Abortion MUST be the murder of a baby!” Etc… If the early term removal of an embryonic growth is murder than why aren’t the anti-abortion protesting fertility clinics which create and destroy these on a massive scale! The leaders are clever enough to know this would only backfire. Aside from psychopaths and homicidal maniacs everyone is Pro-Life; the more correct term for those who would use force by some legal means to prevent Pro-Choice should be identified more correctly as simply Anti-Abortion.

But Enough! If I seemed to have gotten off topic I hope my point has been made? Fanaticism, Extremism, Dogmatic Beliefs, Fixed Points of View, these are the enemies of Science, Progress, and Civilization. Let us come together here as cooperative, open minded skeptics who can reasonably discuss and debate with flexible minds capable of dynamic thinking rather than as automatons with frozen minds (Closed Belief Systems) who MUST be right! HELL NO!

Consider Einstein, through a speculative process of highly imaginative thought experiments expressed finally as mathematical proofs that could be tested he abolished the eternal ether and the undeniable firmament of Newtonian physics. And yet later spent thirty years squandering his genius trying to disprove quantum mechanics because he was fixed in the belief that “God does not play dice with the universe.” The quote is well known but much less well known is Niels Bohr’s response: “Einstein quit telling God what to do!”

OK, I think I have spent my load. My capacitor has discharged in the sparks of my rant. So anyway, speaking of sparks let us return to our fire, much like the one that burned in Plato’s cave, it is metaphor that moves the debate beyond illusory false presumptions grounded only in semantics and get to the heart of the matter. The quest for so called “free energy” is actually built into the current of technological evolution. It is simply and essentially the search to create the greatest possible output of power with the minimum input. Correctly pursued, the application of the scientific method to unleash latent or potential energies transforming them into kinetic ones.

Consider the case of magnets. Magnets are powerhouses of latent electromagnetic energy. By Maxwell’s equations there is no essential distinction between magnetic and electrical energy. There is only electromagnetism, just as in General Relativity there exists only space-time, in both cases any distinction is artificial. So the production of an electric current or mechanical produced by an action that releases that latent energy into a kinetic form does not violate the law of the conservation of energy. Now, however, claiming perpetual motion would but even a so called permanent magnet is not permanent. If it’s stored energy is released into kinetic form it’s charge will eventually be drained. But as a spark can ignite a fire that may burn, the naturally process of the latent energy stored in the dead vegetable matter being released, it is theoretically possible to unleash vastly more power than we put in if we can ignite a release of that energy in a sustainable manner. NOT perpetual as in never ending but that could cleanly and cheaply provide us with a long term large scale power solution. Energy Independence on the individual level as opposed to the current situation of being a the mercy of control by the fossil fuel cartels.

To quickly close as I have already gone too far. Talked too much. And perhaps pissed some people off! I have said my peace I think. I have defined my vision for this site. And by the way. default sign up is as a contributor. We want your thoughts, and a robust but constructive conversation. Diverse viewpoints, question, answers, etc… There is much to discuss! There are manifold implications for the goal we seek that touches all aspects of our lives and will transform our society in revolutionary ways. Many fear it! Yet it is our goal that it is found and implemented. That collectively we reach numbers large enough that no matter who finds or has the answer. We can stand strong, due to the law of large numbers, against the energy cartels and there well documented suppression of alternative energy technologies; including harassment, imprisonment, and even murder to silence innovation. For this we will not stand! So join the Revolution and let us change the world.

P.S. This is the first post so I think I will copy it and paste as an introduction on the first page of this site. Welcome!